We are AMCRugby

How it all started

In 2012, our founding fathers, Jamie Bedford, Liam Paget, and Frederick Schyns, came together with the idea of starting a rugby team for medical students. Since then, AMC rugby has grown to become a rugby team open to students of all studies, genders, ages, and abilities. During the past 10 years, many students have come and gone, but it is safe to say that AMC rugby has felt and still feels like a family to all of our past and current members.

Our core values

What we value most in our team is inclusivity. Everyone is welcome and we will find a spot for you whoever you are. Even though we sometimes split up to play ladies and guys matches, our team consists of all genders and so many different kinds of people. We are sure you will fit in with us.

Unlike most student and sport associations we aim to be very low key and non corporal. Despite a few D-rinking rules and some fun introductory activities, we do not have intense hierarchies or initiation rituals. We have few obligatory activities and we are always understanding.

Intimacy within an association cannot be forced, however, we find that year after year our team grows extremely close. To past and current members, AMC Rugby is family, and many members meet up outside of rugby. We strive to keep this intimacy and make every member feel at home.

Meet the board

Our board works very hard to sustain AMC Rugby and improve the association as much as possible. Isa, our president, is extremely ambitious and a little crazy. She comes up with great ideas and beautiful designs for logos, posters, and flyers. Mick, our vice-president and our brains, then puts everything into work so these great plans can be carried out. In addition to this, his dog Ronin provides us with much needed emotional support. Remy, our game secretayr, makes sure that we always have games and tournaments to look forward to, whether it be in a snowstorm or under the sun. Franka, our treasure(r), keeps an eye on the finances by creating cute little spreadsheets to track everything. Lastly, Anna, our external relations manager keeps our social media up to date since the rest is all too old to understand TikTok. We love you!

Experiencing undesirable behavior? Contact our trust person!

Isa is our trust person. You can contact her regarding any undesirable behavior you are experiencing at AMC or any issues that you would like to bring up in a trustworthy environment.
You can contact her through this number:
+31 6 22185177

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