First match report – AMCRugby ladies & S.V.R.C. versus V.S.R.C.

Monday night, AMCRugby enjoyed what might be remembered as our highlight of 2019: The first full match for our AMCRugby ladies team! Although our ladies have played numerous female tournament matches by now and joined in on several male rugby matches, the first all-out female rugby match was yet to be played. Joining up with student ladies from Sanctus Virgilius Rugby Club (S.V.R.C.) from Delft, they faced off against the Veterinaire Studenten Rugby Club (V.S.R.C.) at Nieuwegein, Utrecht.

Despite the cold, all teams brought substantial support on the sidelines, with AMCRugby bringing the most fans for this match. Anticipation was in the air before kick-off, with preparations and coaching continuing until 20:00.
The first 20 minutes were a bit of a steamroll for our combined team. With strong tackling and good support runs to keep most of the ball possession, AMCRugby and S.V.R.C. quickly opened the score with the first try. Keeping the momentum going and with V.S.R.C. a bit on the backfoot, two more tries followed. Unfortunately, no conversions were scored: 15-0 for us after the first quarter.

Apparently V.S.R.C. got the art of a good peptalk down to a T, because after the short break the veterinarians rallied immediately from the whistle. From this moment on, the teams were very equally matched and a great match unfolded. Momentum went back and forth, with the veterinarians ending the match with three tries, and AMCRugby and S.V.R.C. scoring two additional tries and a conversion. End result: a 27-15 win for us and three happy teams after a great night of rugby!

We’d like to thank our friends from S.V.R.C. for this combined team, and V.S.R.C. for the opposition and hosting of the match and celebrations afterwards. AMCRugby will be looking forward to more and more female student rugby matches. First up on our agenda is a competition match from our AxC men’s team, next Sunday in Utrecht! Will we be able to beat them again, after a close match in 2018, and keep the unbeaten streak of 2019 going?

And are you man or woman and interested in playing rugby with AMCRugby? You’re always welcome to join a few of our Monday night trainings at 19.00h, without any obligations or payments. Shoot us a message if you’re interested, and check our Facebook!