AMCRugby Cantus!

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please! Block the 19th of April in your agenda because we are organizing the world’s first AMCRugby cantus. We will gather at the Epsteinbar in the AMC hospital at 17.00h, have a ‘few’ beers, sing a lot and go into town at 22.30h. For those of you that don’t know, a cantus is a tradition among many Dutch student societies. It entails a gathering of members of a society, and together they consume and sing.
The cantus will be lead by the AMCRugby board led. Their role is to make sure the rules are followed and the songs are sung by all corona members, the people present at the cantus. Of course, we will give our unique AMCRugby twist to the classic cantus and make it our own over the years.
We hope to see all AMCRugby members, as well as new people there!

Interested in joining? Have a look on our Facebook page!