This weekend we got a visit from the Medicals RFC, a (partly medical student) rugby team from Newcastle.
On Kingsday we took them to the Jordaan to show them the gezelligheid of the heart of Amsterdam. We showed them how we celebrate the birthday of our king Willy and gave them, they said, “one of the best days of their lives”. It was a day to remember, or at least just the first few hours.
Hangover as can be, we played against the Newcastle team and it was a lot of fun. Despite some of us still feeling sick and some of us still on the intoxicated side, we actually played a good rugby match. We lost with a score of (21-53), but what a great time we had. We learned a lot and we’ve seen a lot of things we had never seen before.
MRFC, thanks for the great time and hope to see you on our tour soon!