Despite the cold weather, we had an amazing time in the Ardennen.

From setting up the tent to singing songs, the first night was a night of teambonding. Lots of stories were told, lots of nicknames were made and lots of bad ideas were performed.

Saturday we first had the best breakfast we could hope for after a night of heavy consuming. After filling our bellies with delicious egg and bacon, we went paintballing. Only one of us did not know the rules of the game very well and kept shooting his own team in the back. He even shot his own teammate in the head. Rude.

Because the other guests on the camping did not like the noise on the Friday night very well, we needed to be quiet on the saturdaynight. So after playing some card games and putting on our theme outfit(WW2), we took a taxi to the nearest bar. We showed them how to party like AMCRugby and made us some friends. One of us also went missing, but luckily we found him right om time in the toilet, fallen asleep whilst taking a dump.

Sunday we needed to get up pretty early to clean, fold the tent to fit in the trailer again and pack our stuff. After having some eggs, bacon and fikandellen, and chilling in the recreation room on the camping, we went to go swimming in a tropical swimming paradise. We all had a good time.

Thank you for the amazing weekend and the memories we made together. Next year we will order some sun and warmth too.